Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Writing Endeavors

I've dreamed of writing a novel since I was a child.  I've had a plethora of ideas in that time period in a variety of different genres.  I've started to write so many books whose pages have been misplaced, files have been deleted, and ideas that have been axed.  The hardest loss was a sci-fi novel that I was over 10,000 words into writing the book and I lost the flash drive I had it saved on.  I had put so much work into what was lost that I never tried to restart it.  Since then I make sure I have back up copies of everything I write.

In the past few years I've moved into writing short fiction.  I've really enjoyed working with shorter pieces--I can focus on a smaller section of a larger story and have fun flushing out characters, story, or whatever I'm focusing on in that particular piece.

Anyone who takes a look at my library knows that I'm a huge fan of fantasy.  My fascination started out with C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and Rowling as a young child, and was fed later in life by Robert Jordan, Marian Zimmer Bradley, Mary Stewart, Robert E. Howard, and many others.  I have aspired to create my own memorable world in the same way that the greats have.

Nine years ago I had an idea and a sketch.  The idea didn't have much substance but it was a launching point for a fantasy series.  I've worked on things off and on, writing and erasing, typing and deleting.  I've got a decent start on a lot of different books in a series, but I haven't been able to finish anything.  Until now.

It's only a short story but it's something.  It's the start of a larger world.  And by this time next year I should have a novel finished.  But for now I have some editing to do. I've sent it out to a few friends for critique before I start editing it.  I never turn down an extra set of eyes, so if anyone wants to lend a hand, let me know.  I appreciate any help.

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