Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Health.  It's kind of  a big deal.  Thousands of pastors preach about spiritual health from the pulpit every Sunday morning.  Bookstores tout entire sections devoted to gurus on physical health and wellness.  But why are the two separated?

First Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our bodies are God's temple.  If we Christians claim to believe the Bible, why are there so many overweight pastors?  Why do such a small percentage take this to heart?  I once heard someone claim that obesity is the largest unspoken sin in the American church today.  I'd have to agree.

I'm not trying to criticize the church or pastors, but there is a problem and it shouldn't be ignored like it is.  Of course I've looked in the mirror and realized that I'm a tad overweight.  I've lost some weight recently, but I've plateaued recently.  I definitely need to step up my efforts.

I've decided to make health--not just spiritual, not just physical, not just mental, but every aspect--more iportant than it has been to me before.  I'm tired of just surviving as a person.  I want to thrive.  And in order to do that I need to get healthy.  It' won't be quick and it won't be easy.  But thankfully I'm not alone in this.  Destree and I are walking this path together.

One task we are undertaking is a rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon with the ministry of Revelation Wellness sometime next September.  We don't have an exact date yet, but we have some registration fees coming up and we'll need to raise some money (Reading between the lines, we're going to hit everyone we know up for donations.  Twice.  And as far as our registration fees go, I don't have ads on my blog for nothing (; ).

In the next year I'm going to get myself to Pena Adobe, Rockville Hills and Lynch Canyon as often as I can to get my butt in shape.  It'll be tough but good.  And after the Grand Canyon, on to the John Muir trail!

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