Friday, October 10, 2014

My Bucket List

As I've been reflecting on my life the past few months I've started to realize what is important.  I spent a lot of time focusing on just money.  Money allows you to buy more things, so why not?  I now see the falacy in that logic

Of course the people around you are of the utmost importance, but aside from people I think that experiences are more valuable and longer lasting than just "stuff."  That doesn't mean stuff is bad because they can certainly help make lifelong memories.  But I think the focus should be more towards experiences and away from the acclimation of more "stuff."

With that being said, here is my Bucket List:

Own property and build my own place (no matter how small)

Backpack the entirety of the John Muir Trail in one trip

Backpack across Europe for a year (or longer)

Have a book published

Hike down and up the Grand Canyon

Visit every state

Drive the entirety of all highways and freeways in California

Get under 200 pounds and maintain the weight

Visit every continent

Go skydiving

Visit Glacier National Park before it disappears

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