Friday, October 17, 2014

Movie Marathon!

Yesterday I had the privilege of being able to do a nice little movie marathon at the theater.  Got a chance to watch the new Left Behind, Dracula Untold, and The Judge.  Here are my brief thoughts on each.

Let me start this off by saying I'm a bad Christian.  I never read any of the books, nor have I seen the original movies.  (Pause to let the shock set in.)  Because of that, I had no bias going into the movie, except for the fact that it stars Nicolas Cage.

  1. Overall, it wasn't a bad movie.  I've seen better, I've seen worse.  Some of the acting was a bit cheesy but for a movie that bills good ol' Nic Cage as the star, no surprises there.  A few things perplexed me while watching the movie, such as why there were random explosions throughout the movie, why a driver-less bus is able to continue along the road for probably an hour before it comes careening down from an overpass, stuff like that.  At least half of the films 16 million dollar budget must have gone to pointless carnage because someone watched too many Michael Bay movies.

Was Left Behind worth my time?  It was.  Nothing spectacular about the movie, but a fun viewing nonetheless.  On a side note, after I got home and was talking to Destree about the movie, she told me how in the books there were a lot of explosions to symbolize fire raining down from heaven.  I guess that makes sense for how they did it in the movie...if you don't think about it too hard.

Next up was Dracula Untold.  This is probably the thousandth Dracula movie that been made.  I'm not a huge fan of vampire movies (unless it involves Wesley Snipes or Hugh Jackman killing off large quantities of them) so I didn't walk into the movie expecting to be wowed.

Dracula untold was a fresh take on the origin of one of the original Gothic monsters.  They brought together a keen meshing of history and supernatural.  Luke Evans was brilliant in the titular role and was able to make the audience truly empathize with him.  It was a very entertaining flick.  I won't rush out to buy it when it's released, but I'll pick it up if it's on sale.

Finishing out the night was The Judge.  All the previews show is Robert Downey Jr. as a high profile defense attorney who only represents guilty clients because they're the only ones who can afford him.  In stark contrast is Downey's father, a man who has presided for years as a judge in Downey's hometown.  From the trailers it is obvious the two are estranged and it is only the death of Downey's mother that brings him home.

On the surface alone it sounds like a great movie.  But there is much more to the story.  I don't want to spoil anything but it is a very intense movie, compounded further by several real life parallels for myself.  Out of the three I saw yesterday, The Judge was certainly the best film.

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