Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Ink

I like ink.  I like the way tattoos look.  They tell a very personal story.  You can get to know someone fairly well.  I have a few tattoos and I want to get more.  Thus far I haven't done much to chronicle them, but I figured now is a good time to start.

This is my very first tattoo.  I got it when I was 18.  I went with several friends on Saint Patrick's Day 2007.  It's a Celtic brotherhood knot that I got with a very good friend of mine.  Around the knot is the phrase "Iron Sharpens Iron."  It's a reference to Proverbs 27:17.  It's about brotherhood and accountability.

After the tattoo, I knew that I wanted more.  I wasn't sure what and where, but I knew that I definitely wanted more.  But tattoos require money and for several years I was underemployed so I had other bills that required immediate attention.  I had to bide my time until I had more disposable income.  But it gave me time to think more about what I wanted.

I was finally able to get my second tattoo last year.  Destree and I went out for our first anniversary to get this tattoo.  We love playing cards and spent a lot of time in high school playing cards.  Above it is Matthew 19:6 which states "What God has joined together, let no one separate."  It is a symbol of our unity and commitment to one another.

I've wanted more tattoos for a while and the desire has only gotten stronger.  Unfortunately we've still had bills that need to be taken care of.  Recently we were able to *finally* pay off my credit card debt.  It was time to reward myself.  That means another tattoo.

I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate the knotwork above into a full sleeve.  But I had no idea how to incorporate my first first tattoo into a larger piece.  I've had a few ideas, but nothing that's really stood out to me.

Thankfully I was able to talk to an artist--Gene--who was able to help me out.  On the left is his design that he drew.  It took nearly two hours of planning and sketching he was ready to start.

The shading isn't finished, and probably won't be for a few months, but below is the design so far.  I really like how the original tattoo is incorporated into the helmet.

In a few months when I have a little extra money to spend I'll sit down for the next session and I'll post some more pictures online.

Friday, October 25, 2013


I wish I had more time to write.  If I was independently wealthy, I could probably occupy the majority of my day with writing.  But I'm not so my writings are reduced to the fringes of my life.  Right now I have several short stories that I've stalled out on.  Whenever I've had the time I sit staring at my screen trying to make the words flow.  After a few minutes of nothing happening, I give up and resign myself to exploring the vast reaches of cyberspace--wasting time on 9gag and Tickld.

It's time for me to switch gears and give my short fiction a break.  I have several novels that I've started work on before.  I think it's now time to give them some more attention.  I doubt I'll be able to finish any of the novels in the near future but it will feel good to at least work on them.

I do have a separate book that I'm working on at the moment.  There is a good chance I'll have it finished (at least a rough draft, maybe the final edit) by the end of the year.  If anyone wants to help me out with the editing process when I'm finished with the initial draft, please let me know.  I'll have myself and Destree, but extra eyes never hurt anything!