Thursday, July 11, 2013

Les Miserables

I took Destree to see Les Miserables a while back.  Okay but interesting movie.  I'd give it three stars (more stars if there was less singing).  SPOILER ALERT: but here's the plot, in a nutshell:

Gladiator and Wolverine sing at each other, then Catwoman bursts onto the scene singing, crying, and dying. Then Wolverine and Gladiator fight (but wolverine is nice and doesn't use his claws).  Then Wolverine goes and rescues Red Riding Hood (who is apparently Catwoman's daughter).  Turns out she's living with Borat and Bellatrix Lestrange.  More singing.  Fast forward a few year (and even more singing by kids with British accents in a movie about the French) a bunch of kids get shot, Gladiator commits suicide, Wolverine dies, Catwoman takes him to heaven, and Red Riding Hood gets married.  The End.

The movie was entertaining and held my attention--until the last hour.  The plot jumped forward a few years, and it wasn't able to bring my attention back in.  Decent movie, but not worth raving about.  Oh, and Gladiator couldn't sing if his life depended on it.