Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hurt by the Church?

          A phrase that I've heard used (and even used myself) before is that someone has been "hurt by the church."  I didn't even stop to think about this phraseology until a few days ago.  Really?  You've been hurt by the church?  Did you stub your toe on the corner of the building?  Did a ladder on the church property fall on you?  Have you been hurt by the church?  No.  Have you been hurt by people in the church?  Well that's another story.
          The church is made up of people.  And people, by their very nature, are imperfect.  Sadly, I think too many people are treated poorly by someone associated with the church and remember that pain and wrongdoing as an action by the church as a whole instead of the action of a single individual.
          It may sound like semantics, "hurt by the church" or "hurt by someone in the church," but such a viewpoint can poison one's outlook towards the institutionalized church and organized religion.  It can negate the benefits of being part of a church body.  It also raises your risk of putting God by the wayside because of a mistake a person made.  Don't do it.

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