Thursday, August 2, 2012


Evil exists, right?  So what does that say about God?  It's arguably the biggest objection to the existence of God.  So how do rational, logical Christians explain how a loving God allows evil?

Evil is a very complex issue, and needs an equally complex answer.  It would be awesome if there was a succinct, all-inclusive answer.  But there's not.

First off, we need a description of what evil really is.  If reality is subjective, then evil is all in our minds.  What may appear evil to us could in fact appear neutral or even righteous to someone else.  When faced with infanticide, rape, or equally heinous crimes, that explanation just doesn't sit well with me.  While there is a certain amount of subjectivity to morals and ethics, something within human nature screams against inequality, bigotry and the casual way in which life is sometimes tossed aside.

Therefore, I believe that evil can have an absolute, concrete, objective definition.  I would define evil as a moral rebellion against God.  Any time someone chooses to do something that is outside of God's will an evil act is born.

So why doesn't God stop evil?

Well, if God stopped us from doing anything evil, then we would have no freewill.  If He eliminated the source of evil, then there would be no humans.


  1. Good start but you should elaborate more...evil deserves much more thought and explanation! Also watched an episode of Through the wormhole about's quite interesting but I'm bias cause I really like that show'

    1. Somehow this comment was marked as spam and I didn't see it until now, so sorry for the late reply. We could spend hours on the topic of evil and barely scratch the surface. I'll try and take some time to write and post something more in-depth in the next week or two. (Most of my writing energy has been taken up with fiction as of late.)

      Through the wormhole is a cool show, though I don't think I've seen the one about evil...I'll have to check it out.