Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Riding Hood

So, in addition to watching Priest a few weeks ago, Destree and I also sat down to watch Red Riding Hood.  I remember when it came out it didn't look that good.  Interesting concept, but who could make a good feature-length film off of such a short, over-told fairy tale?  Apparently Catherine Hardwicke can.

When the movie came out, I wasn't too keen on seeing it.  From the previews, it didn't look like it would be that good, a view that nearly every review echoed in the weeks following its release.  After taking the time to watch it myself, I must disagree.  Yes, Amanda Seyfried was given a rather poor supporting cast.  Yes, there was some overacting (*cough* Gary Oldman *cough*).  Was the dialogue a little cliched?  Yeah.  But overall, the movie rose above all of its shortcoming and wound up being a decent film.

The movies' strongest suit was its ability to keep you guessing as to who the wolf actually was.  Partway through the movie, I had it narrowed down to five people.  By the final act of the film, I had it narrowed down to three.  None of them were the wolf.  The person was in my top five though.

In the film they were able to include the classic "Grandmother, what large eyes you have!" dialogue.  That was cool.  After the wolf was killed, they slit open his gut and filled it with rocks.  This is very similar to a scene in the Brothers Grimm story where they did the same thing while the wolf was sleeping.  The motivation was different, but I liked the fact that they were able to work in such a detail to the film.

Was it a must see movie that has achieved a place on my Top Ten List?  No.  (I haven't made one of those yet.  I should...).  Was it fun to watch?  Yes.  If you come across it on T.V. one night, find it on Netflix, or see it at Redbox, then watch it.  As for buying it...if you see it in the $5 bin at Walmart, then definitely go for it.

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