Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I remember when Priest came out.  It looked interesting, but not quite good enough to take the time to see in a theater.  While house-sitting at my parents', Destree and I saw it DVR'd and decided to watch it.  Is it a must own movie?  No.  Was it entertaining?  Yes, and it was even a little thought provoking.

The idea behind the movie is that vampires evolved and laid waste to humanity, and the only way humanity survived was from priests--warriors trained from a young age to kill vampires.  The church rules society in a dystopian, autocratic type-way.  The vampire menace has ceased, but humanity lives in a walled metropolis with a handful of outposts in the vicinity of the remaining vampire hideouts.  The priests, who had once been the saviors of mankind, have been marginalized by the church and all but forgotten.

When a vampire attack hits close to home, Priest (the titular character) tries to get the church to support him in finding out why the vampires have started attacking humans again.  Predictably, the church ignores him and Priest goes rogue, hunting down vampires and trying to get to the bottom of the mystery while attempting to rescue his captured niece.  All the while, there is a mysterious black-hatted figure leading the vampire army.

It had some cool fight scenes and action.  The special effects were good--not too cheesy and not too over the top.  The plot line had a lot of potential, but it fell short.  The history of Priest could have been more developed, particularly the part with Black Hat, but they let it fall short.  It seemed like they rushed things, trying fit a two hour movie into 90 minutes.

The spiritual message of the film is one that I think many people can identify with, and even need to hear.  All of the priests had been alienated and abandoned by the church.  Priest in particular.  At one point, Priestess, his love interest, basically tells Priest taht just because the Church has abandoned him doesn't mean he should abandon God.  It was a very thought provoking scene.

Was it a great movie?  No.  Did I feel that my time was wasted?  Not at all.

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