Thursday, May 3, 2012


*Sigh.  Life can get busy sometimes.  For almost a month and a half, I have been posting nearly every day.  I think I only missed one or two days. blog has been silent for about a week.  It's been weird, not posting.  I've felt off.  Between work and family, I just haven't had the time and energy as of late to post.

I've missed it.  It's not nearly the creative outlet that working on the two dozen or so writing projects I have going on right now, but it's still nice.  It helps me feel accomplished.

Unfortunately for some, the overwhelmed feeling doesn't dissipate.  It stays.  It grows.   The ever-increasing piles of to-dos becomes more and more consuming.  You feel like your drowning in it all.

Is that what's been happening to me the last week and a half?  No.  Has it happened to me before?  Oh yeah.  Been there, done that, and even bought a handful of key chains for everyone.  The key to not allowing the pile of work to drown you is to anchor yourself.  If you already feel like you're gasping for air, anchor yourself.  Take a few minutes to read a book, listen to some music, watch a tiny bit of T.V., talk to a friend, spend time with loved ones, pray, read your Bible.  Connect with yourself.  Connect with other people.  Connect with God.  Anchor yourself.

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