Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mushrooms: More than Cheese and Pizza Toppings

Mushrooms.  They're not just for salads and psychedelic trips.  Apparently, there is a newly discovered species of fungus that can survive on polyurethane.  That means we have a feasible solution to getting rid of all the plastic that is sitting in the bottom of landfills worldwide.  Yes, recycling is a solution too, but many people don't, and recycling hasn't done anything to curb the massive worldwide production of plastic.

Another cool fungal discovery is a species of mushroom that produces a sticky substance on the bottom of its club.  (The club is the arched part that we slice up and eat.  It also happens to contain the reproductive structure of the mushroom.)  That sticky substance can be turned into a glue and combined with corn husks and other food byproducts.  What is the resultant mixture?  A concoction remarkably similar to Styrofoam, only biodegradable.

I'm no eco-freak, but I do believe in taking care of the world God has given to us (after all, He kind of told us to in Genesis).  I find these new discoveries fascinating, not only for their scientific and ecological merit, but also because it seems that God provided a solution to our screw-up long before we knew we'd need it.

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