Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Review: Grimm's Fairytales

A few months back Destree and I got our hands on some free e-readers thanks to freecycle.  It came preloaded with a few different books, one of them being Grimm's Fairytales.  Unfortunately, it didn't contain the complete collection of tales.

The stories themselves were awesome.  Some of them were familiar stories such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, an Sleeping Beauty.  Others, like The 12 Dancing Princesses are less common, and most of them I'd never heard of before.  Even the more common, overdone stories were enjoyable.  For being "fairytales," many of these stories were violent.

Most, though not all, have a heavy moral element in them.  This is what makes these stories so timeless and endearing.  A few of the more popular ones have been made (and remade and remade again) by Disney and Hollywood.  I think a fresh take, drawing on just the fairytales themselves, would make for some great movies.

Grimm's Fairytales were good.  I don't know when, but sometime in the future I will certainly be investing in a copy of the book.  It's a great bathroom reader or something you read before bed.  The short nature of each story means that pick it up and put it down quite easily

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