Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are You REALLY Pro-Life?

For many people, one of the deciding factors when it comes to the ballot box is the issue of pro-life or pro-choice.  For far too many pro-lifers, however, are only partially pro-life.  That's a problem because all life is sacred and important.

There are roughly 1,200,000 abortions in the United States each year.  About 1% of all abortion happen because incest or rape caused the pregnancy.  Another 6% of abortions occur because of a significant health risk to the mother.  The remaining 93% of abortions are performed because the life of the child would inconvenience the mother.

For a person to be truly pro-life, their care must extend beyond the birth of the baby; there is so much that a young child and a young mother needs.  Not all, but a significant portion of abortions occur because the mother is going to become a single, unwed teenage mother.

Would you be willing to take her and her newborn in?  Help provide for their needs?  Endure the sleepless nights?  If not, then you are not really pro-life.  It's not enough to merely vote for the end of abortion; your actions need to say that you are there to help those in need.

And it's not only unborn children whose lives are in danger.  What about those living throughout the world on the brink of starvation?  Are you willing to give up your $5 Starbucks, your $50 trips to the movies, or extravagant vacations and instead funnel the money so that others may live?  Are willing to oppose the death of a murderer on death-row?  Until you are ready to commit to being pro-life for all life, you are merely anit-abortion, not pro-life.  Would you rather be known for you are for or what you are against?

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