Friday, March 23, 2012

Titanoboa: King of Snakes

Note: This behemoth is NOT a prop or marketing gimmick
from Hollywood's latest sub-par Anaconda sequel; this
gigantic thing is a life size model!
I would SO own one of these giant snakes for a pet.  The Titanoboa was the largest snake ever to slither its scaly body across the prehistoric past.  This monstrosity grew to a length of 40-50 feet long, approximately three feet in diameter, and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 pounds

Currently, the life-size model created by the Smithsonian is on display in Grand Central Station in New York.

Please pass this fun information on to anyone with a paralyzing phobia of snakes.  Now they just need to find a 10-foot tall Tarantula to make the nightmare complete.  For a fun, hypothetical mash-up of extinct reptiles, check out this video

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