Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's In The News...Again

It appears that Prop 8—the proposition famous a few years ago for banning gay marriage—has again been struck down as unconstitutional. I am not all that surprised, nor am I disappointed or upset. I am a Bible believing Christian who fully believes that gay marriage does not fit into part of God’s plan, yet something about Prop 8 has never sat well with me. Let me explain.

The main reason behind the push for such legislation has always been to protect the sanctity of marriage and to protect family values. I can applaud that effort, but stopping gay marriage is not how to do it; a whole shift in the mindset of what constitutes marriage is needed.

I don’t want “marriage” associated with a 72 hour marriage between a drunk pop star and her boyfriend in Vegas. To me, marriage is a sacred bond between husband and wife before God Almighty. Anything less than that is mere compromise. If a group wants to push for a legal definition of marriage that fits the Bible, then go all the way. Make it so that it can only be done in a church setting. Make divorce illegal unless there is marital infidelity; enough of this “We’ve just drifted too far apart” junk. Or, and this is my preferred solution, make marriage in a religious sense and the legal civil union two separate and distinct things. Civil union can be what is done at the courthouse, and marriage can be what you choose to do in a religious setting.

If the proponents of Prop 8 are serious about protecting marriage and family values, then they should do something about it. If the BILLIONS of dollars that were poured into getting the law passed were instead poured into family counseling, promoting family unity, stopping the porn epidemic (yeah, we are talking about you Disney), you know, things that actually protect marriage and family values, think of the difference that could have been made.

But instead, what will more than likely happen is another round of legislation in California. Billions more will be wasted as marriages and families are violently torn to pieces by affairs, selfishness, and a whole host of other problems that are entirely fixable if the Christian community (or any other community for that matter) would truly take it upon themselves to fix what’s broken instead of merely finding someone to blame.

Some of the hateful things that were done during the time leading up to voting were truly mind boggling. What was just as bad, though, was the overabundance of petty actions. For example, there are the feelings of the “pastor” I was serving under at the time of voting (I use the term “pastor” loosely because of his abuse, manipulative, duplicitous nature). He told me that after dropping his daughter off at school one morning, he walked past a “No on Prop 8” sign. It took all he had in him not to kick the sign over. And after he left, he had regrets over not kicking it over. That was someone’s personal property, something someone paid about $20 for, and this person wanted to kick down and destroy it out of anger. That is the sort of attitude that causes Christians to be labeled as hateful and bigoted. I don’t think that’s what Jesus would be doing.

I don’t think he would have voted against Prop 8, but I’m sure He would have much rather seen all of the effort and mind-boggling sums of money that went into passing the proposition go instead to fund activities and programs that truly bring families closer, something that actually protects family unity and the sanctity of marriage.

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