Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red in the face

I’m a little red in the face. Not from any sort of embarrassment, but from a good old fashioned sunburn. While the peeling skin and extra redness is a bit of an annoyance, I did enjoy getting it. This last Sunday, I was able to be a part of a car wash to help raise money for Mission Solano. In the process, we washed over 90 cars (sun fried my brain and I lost the exact count, but I think the exact number was 93) and raised around $560. It was awesome.

But my favorite part was at the end of the day. We had extra water and a food gift certificate that I was able to bring over to a homeless couple across the street. I mean, what kind of ministry would we be doing if we didn’t stop and talk with the people we were raising funds for?

I stayed for a few minutes talking with Barbra and her husband Mel. What I liked most about them was their trust in God. I mean, most people in that sort of situation turn to God because they have nowhere else to go, and as some of them quote scripture, sing a worship song in a phenomenal voice and recount how they set their cell mate in prison on fire all in the same alcohol filled breath (preceding story taken from one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met—in the Tenderloin, of course), you wonder about their relationship with God.

Not this couple. Instead, I was in wonder at their trust. To my eye, all they had in their possession was a bike each, a little bit of food, and a pair of old, tattered clothes. Yet there was legitimate and genuine love and trust of God there. Why is it so hard for us to do the same?

I think it’s because we have our houses, our cars, our nice HD TVs that go so well with our Blu-ray players and collection of movies; we take nice, plush vacations; we have all of our toys and the luxuries of life that make us so comfortable.

But Jesus, in John 14 calls the Holy Spirit the “Comforter.” How can we expect to rely on the Holy Spirit when we artificially fill ourselves with stuff to take His place? How can we expect the Comforter to comfort us when we’re already so comfortable?

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