Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Follow the Leader

Last week while I was working as a noon duty (a less offensive term than "yard duty"), for two days in a row I had a group of boys following me around. At times, there were as many as a dozen of them walking in my footsteps. I asked them why they were following me around, and they told me that it was because of my beard.

Whether or not this was the real reason, I really don't know. (It is plausible, considering I grow more hair in one day than they do in a month) But it got me thinking about 1st Corinthians 11:1, where Paul tells the church in Corinth "Follow my example as I follow Christ."

It got me thinking about who we really follow. We live in a time where conformity is commonplace and people are either too afraid to step out of line for fear of the consequences or are rebels for the sake of being rebels; following out of fear or following because they dont't want to conform.

What about the third option? Following Jesus out of love and adoration; following Him because He's the only thing that makes sense out of this corrupt, stained world.

We all follow something. We might follow the ideal of beauty, money or popularity. We might follow a politician, friend or mentor. But the bottom comes down to which leader are we following with everything we've got? Jesus, or something else?

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